Adhesion Contracts By: Lil Johnnie Liberty and perhaps a word or two from DAVID E ROBINSON

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Adhesion Contracts
We the People have the unlimited right to contract
guaranteed by the Constitution, and the Common law
preceding it.
We the People also live in a commercial culture, dominated
by commercial agreements and contracts whereby our
freedoms, rights and sovereign, “state” Citizenship has been
“contracted” away.
Every time you sign your name on a form, you are entering a
commercial agreement that can bind you to perform as
specified. Some of these contracts may be harmless (e.g.
renting a video), yet others may bind us in ways we do not
fully comprehend (e.g., long distance phone companies bind
you to the law of the District of Columbia).
These are called “adhesion contracts.” Contracts must be
voluntary in nature and fully disclosed to be enforceable.
The parties must also be able to perform.2
> ADHESION CONTRACT—a contract so heavily
restrictive of one party (e.g., U.S. citizen) while
nonrestrictive of the other (e.g., the government
corporation) that doubts arise as to the voluntary nature of
the contract; take it or leave it basis; weaker party has no
realistic choice as to its terms.
Did you realize that when you completed and signed the
“Form 1040” tax return, you “volunteered” into the jurisdiction
of the federal United States government, admitted being
a corporate “person” and federal government employee,
agreed to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Internal
Revenue Code (IRC), and therefore became subject to
the State and federal income tax?
Did you know that “Form W-4” is a Gift & Estate Tax Form
for federal government employees, not for American “state”
Citizens? 3
Were you ever told by anyone in the government that when
you applied for a Social Security Number (SSN) you became
a U.S. citizen and waived your unalienable rights as a
sovereign, “state” Citizen, became a federal govern-ment
“employee” by enrolling in a federal government retirement
and insurance benefits program, transferred your Power of
Attorney to the Social Security Administra-tion, and was
made liable for the federal debt? 4
Did anyone ever fully or honestly disclose the intent of the
State Motor Vehicle Codes when you applied for and
received your driver’s license? Were you aware that the
driver’s license and vehicle registration laws are occupation
taxes for commercial drivers (e.g., truck drivers, taxi and
chauffeurs), and that sovereign, “state” Citizens needn’t
apply providing you “own” your own “place-travel device?”
The driver’s license and vehicle registration are voluntary
contracts to become subject to the Department of Motor
Vehicles (DMV) codes, get licensed, get insurance, register
your vehicle and pay the fees (which are occupation taxes).
You also unknowingly agreed to transfer the lawful title (i.e.,
MSO) of your vehicle to the State when it was purchased
from the original dealer.At a traffic stop, when a police officer asks for your “driver’s
license,” “vehicle registration,” and “proof of financial
responsibility,” they’re asking for you to provide evidence to
indicate that:
1. you’ve entered into a contract with the State;
2. you’re within their jurisdiction.
If you are a “resident” of the State, then you’re required to
have a State-issued driver’s license. If you’re operating a
“motor vehicle,” then registration, plates and insurance are
If you present any of this evidence, then the presumption
stands that you are subject to the Motor Vehicle Code. You
have just indicted yourself, and the police officer is witness
to it.
If you have violated one of the Motor Vehicle codes, he/she
has the authority to issue a “citation” for a breech of contract
or infraction. Likewise in theory, as a sovereign “state”
Citizen, you wouldn’t admit to being a “resident” of any of
the fifty federal States.
Not A “Resident” Of Any Of The Fifty States
If you have no driver’s license, vehicle registration or proof
of financial responsibility relative to their jurisdiction, and
no other presumptive evidence that you’ve committed a
crime in force, then the police officer has no lawful option
under the Common law, except to release you. Usually
though, the police officer doesn’t know or make this
distinction and you’ll be getting a hassle. Be prepared to
have your papers in order for a traffic stop.6 To have a valid
contract there must be:
1. a valid offer and acceptance of valuable consideration;
2. two or more parties involved;
3. parties who are of legal age and competent
4. a termination date;
5. full disclosure; and
6. the contract must be voluntary in nature.
“Adhesion contracts do not bind the citizen to a
commercial contract. Without the six elements
of a valid contract, none exists.”
—PL#95-147, 91 Stat. 1227 (Oct. 28, 1977)
U.S. citizens are bound by many adhesion contracts
including voter’s registration, marriage and business
licenses, incorporation papers, selective service registration,
postal addresses, bank accounts and credit cards, tax
returns, social security numbers, drivers and vehicle
licenses; and subject to tens of thousands of statutes.
Here are a few examples of the hidden nature of these
contracts and how they impact your freedoms and life.7
• VOTER’S REGISTRATION is an unrevealed, private
“contract” obligating the “voter” or “resident” to pay
municipal, county and State bonds via the property tax
(i.e., trustee fees) and a State income tax; voters have
also unknowingly given their Power of Attorney to the
State. Electors are not bound to a contract or a political
party. Electors are sovereign “state” Citizen’s with
allodial property in any state.
• A MARRIAGE LICENSE is an unrevealed, private
“contract” with the State who is a legal third party to
your marriage wherein they have control over the
product (i.e., children) or the disbursement of
community property (via a divorce). The State gets the
power to take away your children if they deem it
necessary for any reason. Do you want the government
in your bed telling you how to raise your children? The
doctrine of parens patria gives the State supremacy over
parental rights.
• BUSINESS LICENSES negate your Common law
“right to work” in the profession and skill of your choice
or talent. Do you need permission from the government
to go to the bathroom too? Free yourself from
“permission” to contract when you have the unalienable
“right to contract.”
• INCORPORATION for your for-profit or non-profit
business with limited liability for the payment of debt is
a BENEFIT from the government which costs the private
individual 100% ownership and control over the
corporation. Corporations are creations of and chartered
by the State. When you are incorporating, you’re now
working for a government - protected enterprise, and
subject to all the rules and regulations thereof. When the
churches incorporated recently they lost not only their
sovereignty and independence, but their 1st Amendment
rights to freedom of religion as well. Don’t make the
same mistake. Consider other legal structures that
preserve Common law rights.
controlled lock, stock and barrel by the IRS and it’s
foreign principals/creditors. If you’re working in the
non-profit sector, the Federal Reserve and its
principals/creditors are your bosses. They don’t give
grants and funding away without receiving control over
the agendas of these organizations, some of which are
well meaning.
• SELECTIVE SERVICE registration is for U.S. citizens
only. If you place your signature on that private contract,
you are bound, body and soul to it. The government
corporation owns you completely. They decide whether
or not your teeth need pulling, not you. You have no
choice once in military service. The draft is voluntary
• POSTAL ADDRESSES utilizing zip codes and twodigit
abbreviations for the State are private contracts
for federal government employees. Having or using a
“zip code” supports the presumption that you are
indeed a federal “employee” subject to the income tax
and the Form 1040. Domestic mail is “within” the
federal United States. Non-domestic is “without” the
federal United States, between the sovereign “state”
Citizens and the state (intrastate).
Unknowingly, when you opened a checking account, or received
a credit card, and signed your “name” on the bank
signature card, you entered a contract with a bank, who isalso under contract with the Federal Reserve System, who
has in turn contracted with the IRS to collect taxes.
This chain of contracts gives authorization to the IRS to
access information about your accounts, lien your assets,
snoop into your records, garnish your wages, and to subject
you to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).
By not comprehending the power of contracts, you have
unwittingly waived many of your rights by simply signing
your bank signature card. We the People fall into this trap
many times, creating a lengthy paper trail of “presumptive
evidence” through these adhesion contracts, which are used
to establish jurisdiction and establish facts that can and will
be used against us in a court of Equity/Admiralty.
> PRESUMPTION—an inference in favor of a particular
fact; a rule of law by which finding of a basic fact givers rise
to existence of presumed fact, until presumption is rebutted.
There are many other adhesion contracts besides the ones
discussed above. An adhesion contract is one in which the
state legislature or the Congress of the federal United States
government was acting as your agent (or legal
representative) to bind you to their contract. Four types of
adhesion contracts have attached themselves unknowingly
and often unwillingly:
a) interest
b) tax
c) statutes
d) treaties
As an American, sovereign “state” Citizen the Constitution
offers no protection once you’ve volunteered into a contract,
having waived your rights in exchange for any government
privileges or benefits. A U.S. citizen is “presumed” bound to
these adhesion contracts. They are as valid as if you signed
each one yourself. Only a sovereign “state” Citizen is not
“presumed” bound to these adhesion contracts.9
Adhesion contracts entered unknowingly, unwillingly or
unintentionally can be nullified by declaration in the form of
an “Affidavit.” A U.S. citizen may “rescind or revoke” any
adhesion contracts they’ve entered into unknowingly and
unwillingly, to clear their “name” of all legal disabilities and
become a sui juris freeman/woman. A U.S. citizen may also
argue that the signature on the contract never existed
because there was not full disclosure.
You can repudiate all signatures on past IRS and SSA Forms
by a general “Affidavit” along with a “Constructive Legal
Notice” sent to all pertinent government corporations and
This will establish a paper trail of evidence to support your
declaration and claim of sovereign “state” Citizenship
and/or sui juris freeman/woman, and refute any
presumptions that exist.
You can then reclaim your sovereign Citizenship within the
state, under the state and federal constitutions, or maintain
your freeman/woman status. Be prepared to defend those
> AFFIDAVIT—a written or printed declaration or
statement of facts, made voluntarily, and confirmed by the
oath or affirmation of the party making it, taken before an
officer having authority to administer such oath. 10
> RESCIND—to abrogate, annul, avoid or cancel a
contract; nullifying a contract by the act of a party.11
> REVOKE—to recall authority or power previously
conferred; to annul an act by calling or taking it back.
Only you can determine your Citizenship. The government
may presume to know who you are, but they cannot tell you
who you are. To be a sovereign “state” Citizen, you must
eliminate all presumptions that you’ve entered into
contracts that bind your performance to them.
State courts were federalized in 1982 under Equity/Admiralty/
Maritime jurisdiction, thus have no general jurisdiction
(unless there are un-rebutted, international adhesion contracts
still in force) over a sovereign “state” Citizen.
Sovereign “state” Citizens must be tried in a federal court
under diversity of citizenship jurisdiction.12
You have the right to see any and all contracts. You have the
right to get information the government may have about you
through Freedom of Information & Privacy Act (FOIA & PI)
You have the right of discovery in a court proceeding. All
contracts must be entered into knowingly, willingly and
voluntarily to be enforceable in any jurisdiction. Be careful
when signing your “name” and entering into contracts
Your “name” is your property, just like your fingerprint.
Your “name” is also your “Power of Attorney,” providing you
haven’t given it to someone else to legally act on your behalf.
Henceforth, whenever signing your name, read the fine
print, ask for the hidden contracts, and always add the
following citation from the Uniform Commercial Code
(UCC) under your “signature.” For example: 13
“I, Johnny Liberty, hereby reserve my right not
to be compelled to perform under any contract
or commercial agreement that I did not enter
knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally.
And furthermore, I do not accept the liability of
the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract
or commercial agreement.

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